Ian Fleming Publications

Ian Fleming Publications Ltd is Ian Fleming’s family company and owns and administers the literary copyright in his fiction and non-fiction books. The company’s aim is to promote and make available all of Ian Fleming’s books worldwide. Ian Fleming Publications looks after the literary James Bond brand and keeps it alive by the publication of new stories based on the characters Ian created. In recent years, the company has worked with Charlie Higson, Samantha Weinberg, and Sebastian Faulks on Young Bond, the Moneypenny trilogy and Devil May Care respectively. Ian Fleming Publications is constantly considering new ways to extend the Bond brand, and the latest James Bond story, Carte Blanche, written by acclaimed US author Jeffery Deaver, was published worldwide in 2011.

Alongside the famous James Bond series, Fleming created the popular children’s classic Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, a travel memoir Thrilling Cities and a non-fiction true-crime thriller titled The Diamond Smugglers, and these titles are also under the care of the company he once owned.