Raines & Raines Literary Representatives (U.S.)

Our agency has been Raines & Raines since 1974, and before that year it was the Theron Raines Agency for a long time -- we had a 50th anniversary last year. The personnel are Joan and Theron Raines and Keith Korman. Keith has published four novel, with a fifth coming in 2014 - TEA HOUSE OF THE HIDDEN MOON, to be published by Tor Books.
Among the books we've represented are FORREST GUMP, DIE HARD, DELIVERANCE, MY DOG SKIP. Also many titles by Bettelheim, including THE USES OF ENCHANTMENT. On the childrens' book side is THE MAN WHO WALKED BETWEEN THE TOWERS (Gerstein - Caldecott medal), and for children's non-fiction, we represented the translator/adapter of BRAIN QUEST, Chris Welles Feder, daughter of Orson Welles. BRAIN QUEST has sold 36,000,000 copies in the English language edition published by Workman and shows no sign of slowing down.