Paul Zsolnay Verlag/Deuticke

Paul Zsolnay Verlag, founded in Vienna in 1924, is part of the Hanser group since 1996. Its long tradition and prestigious reputation has secured its place as one of the leading publishing houses in the German speaking world specializing in high quality fiction (also modern classics like Leo Perutz or Graham Greene) and non-fiction (on subjects such as history and cultural history, music, film, philosophy and reportage). Following the noteworthy success of the novels by bestselling author Henning Mankell crime fiction has become another trademark of Zsolnay’s list.

Deuticke belongs to Paul Zsolnay Verlag since 2004 and was founded in 1878 in Vienna. Initially focussing on non-fiction (starting with Sigmund Freud’s book on dreams in 1900) Deuticke has meanwhile also established itself as a publisher of fiction by internationally renowned and contemporary authors, among them Daniel Glattauer, Paulus Hochgatterer and Michael Köhlmeier.