Little, Brown Book Group

Three times the winner of the Publisher of the Year Award, most recently in 2010 at the Bookseller Industry Awards, Little, Brown Book Group has a proven history of success, and a track record for delivering bestsellers across the full range of our publishing.

We pride ourselves on our focused publishing strategy: whether in fiction or non-fiction, we believe we should publish a limited number but a wide variety of titles and our aim is to buy the best in any category and publish it with flair and enthusiasm.

We focus on getting the most out of each book through detailed attention to every stage of the process, from editorial to design, the marketing and publicity campaigns and the retail strategy with key customers. We do this quite simply because all of us here at Little, Brown love books and love publishing and want to do our very best to achieve the right results for authors and agents, and to keep them informed of progress on a regular basis.

As well as concentrating on all aspects of front-list publishing, we nurture our authors’ backlists, frequently re-covering them and taking advantage of every opportunity for promotion.

You can find out more about our imprints by clicking on the imprint logos below. These amply demonstrate the variety of titles to be found within Little, Brown, and they include many bestsellers, prize-winners and the whole catalogue of several authors’ works whom we have been privileged to publish from the start of their careers. We take enormous pride in our efficient teamwork, and consider our authors to be a crucial part of that team.

The people who work at Little, Brown reflect the diversity of life in the UK and of the books we publish. As well as loving the titles on our list and giving their all to their various jobs, many belong to the groups and committees that have grown up in response to demand. We have a Diversity committee; an ethical group that looks at book production and office practice in terms of the environment; a group of volunteers who help with reading in local schools and mentor young people. I am proud of the staff at Little, Brown, and I believe that together we have made it a great place to work and a great place for authors to have their books published.

- Ursula Mackenzie CEO and Publisher