Keil & Keil Literary Agency

The Keil & Keil Literary Agency was founded in Hamburg in 1995 by Anja and Bettina Keil. We represent German and international authors in the areas of literature and non-fiction. Our philosophy is to represent our authors over the long term, in the various media, and throughout the world. We therefore work with an international network of co-agencies in
marketing foreign rights and film rights. The two of us were born in Rio de Janeiro and raised in Bucharest, Lisbon, Beijing, and Bonn.
Bettina Keil (47) holds a master’s degree in English and German literature. During her university studies in Bonn und Hamburg, she worked in the book trade (for Bouvier and elsewhere) and for a music publisher. In collaboration with the University of Hamburg, she initiated and organized a literary festival, Australien Literarisch, which took place in 1995. This festival provided the first platform of its kind in Germany for internationally acclaimed Australian authors (including Peter Carey, David Malouf, and Rodney Hall).
Anja Keil (45) holds a master’s degree in economics and business administration. After completing her university studies in Cologne, she went to Hamburg to work at the pay TV station Premiere, where she began as an assistant to the CEO, and after holding various positions in marketing and distribution, she was appointed head of customer marketing. She then joined the management team at AOL in Hamburg, where she was in charge of marketing for Germany.