John Murray Publishers Ltd

Since its foundation in 1768, the publishing house of John Murray has innovated and fostered genius, and at all times been unashamedly populist. From selling volumes of Byron to massed crowds from the window of the old Albemarle Street offices to making John Betjeman the nation’s favourite poet, John Murray has always published great writing for a wide audience of readers. With the muscle of the Hachette Group now behind them, John Murray books are sold all over the globe, in ever increasing numbers.

John Murray imprints:

SALTYARD BOOKS is a new imprint within Hodder & Stoughton focusing on beautiful and inspirational books about crafts, cookery, gardening, the outdoors and natural history. The emphasis is on giving our readers a fantastically rich reading experience through the very best lifestyle writing, distinctive design, creative illustration and inspiring photography.
Outside, the promise of adventure. Inside, between the pages, adventure too. New finds, new tastes, new sights to savour.

HODDER FAITH is the UK's leading Christian publishing house, publishing a list that ranges from popular theology, Christian living and fiction, from authors including RT Kendall, and Wm. Paul Young, to innovative projects like THE MANGA BIBLE. From The NIV Bible to Rob Parsons, Philip Yancey to J.John, Richard Foster to Joyce Meyer and R.T. Kendall to Maggi Dawn, Hodder Faith seeks to provide a platform for Christian views to be expressed across all denominations, races and ages. We know that our readership demands books that are thought provoking, cutting-edge and challenging – covering topics such as Christian apologetics, leadership, church unity and social justice – and it is our goal to provide them.

HODDER EDUCATION focuses on school and college markets, providing a wide range of market-focussed innovative print and digital services, tailored to both core UK and key International markets. Hodder Education is the second largest secondary school publisher in the UK, providing materials supporting the curriculum in almost every subject area and at every level, including online assessment and resources, and training services for teachers. Dynamic Learning is the online platform which makes lesson planning and delivery easy for teachers.
In the college market, Hodder Education publishes one of the largest vocational lists in the UK, as well as textbooks and professional resources.
Hodder Education sells textbooks, etextbooks and digital services to over 140 countries worldwide.

TWO ROADS: Announced by its Publisher, Lisa Highton, in September 2010, Two Roads started publishing in 2015. Publishing about a dozen books a year, with a mixture of narrative non-fiction and fiction, its stated mission is ‘stories-voices-places-lives’. Two Roads particularly champions reading groups and book clubs, and since she launched the list publisher Lisa Highton has travelled over 7,500 miles vising independent bookshops and their book groups. Possibly the best known title on the Two Roads list to date is Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen, which was made into a film in 2011 starring Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon.