Hardie Grant Egmont (Australia)

Like the kids who read our books, Hardie Grant Egmont is young and small with boundless drive and energy. We are the largest Australian independent children’s publisher and pride ourselves on publishing first and foremost for kids. We excel at making books that capture imaginations and encourage reluctant readers.

We are a small company and we use our size to our advantage. We handpick the people we work with and the projects we work on and dedicate all of our efforts and resources into making them a success. We’re also a young company in both established years and average age of staff. Our youthful energy permeates everything we do.

We pride ourselves on knowing kids. Our editors bicker about the ‘facts’ in our fiction, like how many marshmallows a six-year-old can fit in their mouth, and whether an anti-gravity machine would still work in outer-space. Our sales and marketing department know what makes kids tick. It always involves playing with the latest toys, watching school holiday movie releases and checking out the newest games online.

It’s a serious business!

We make books kids want to read, not books that their parents and teachers think they should. From packaging books in fun and interesting ways so that kids aren’t intimidated, to ensuring the pages are fi lled with the things that interest kids but at a reading level appropriate for their age.

We are passionate about what we do. We are aware of the importance of kids books and take our jobs very seriously. After all, you’re not going to be able to read Pride and Prejudice if you haven’t cut your teeth on Billie B Brown.

In January 2010, Little Hare became an imprint of the Hardie Grant Egmont list. Being part of a bigger family where quality stories and a dedication to children's books is integral, the Little Hare list of beautiful and award winning picture books and fiction continues to grow and thrive. See www.littleharebooks.com for more.

As well as this, we market, sell and distribute the iconic Egmont UK list which features best-loved authors such as Enid Blyton, A.A. Milne and Michael Morpurgo as well as well-known brands like Thomas & Friends, Miffy and Bob the Builder. For more information about Egmont UK visit www.egmont.co.uk