Darley Anderson Literary, TV and Film Agency

"there are agents,
there are good agents,
there are super agents,
and then there's
Darley Anderson"

-Lee Child

The Darley Anderson Literary, TV and Film Agency was founded in 1988 by ex-publisher Darley Anderson and is based in London with a regional office in Hay-on-Wye on the English/Welsh borders.

The Agency specialises in handling a broad range of bestselling commercial Fiction and Non-Fiction.

A Market leader in Adult Fiction, our list includes thrillers, mysteries, crime, horror, fantasy, accessible literary, romantic comedy, chick-lit, women in jeopardy, sagas and historical.

Many of the Fiction writers talent spotted and represented by Darley Anderson himself, are amongst the highest paid bestselling authors in the world. Most notably Martina Cole, Lee Child, John Connolly, Lesley Pearse and Tana French.

Other top selling fiction writers represented by Darley are Chris Carter, Jane Costello, Alex Barclay, Carmen Reid, Tara Hyland, Chris Mooney, Annie Murray, Margaret Dickinson, Clare Dowling, Lee Weeks and Adrian Plass.

The oldest writer ever to be taken on at the Agency is Elizabeth Waite at the age of 70, who has now had 17 books published.

And the four most prolific writers at the Agency are: Saga writers Anne Baker, Lynda Page and Gloria Cook and bestselling religious writer Adrian Plass, who has been at the Agency since its inception!

Among the Non-Fiction writers handled by the Agency are: Constance Briscoe (author of the No.1 Bestseller and Sequel Ugly and Beyond Ugly); Alan and Barbara Pease’s Why Men Don’t Listen and Women Can’t Read Maps (with worldwide sales exceeding 10 million copies). Graeme Sims, Paul Hauck, Lucy Summers, Nadia Finer and Emily Nash and Fr Kenneth Leech.

The focus at the Agency is on making our writers international bestsellers.

Our Agency motto is : ‘Our writers mean business’.