Alpha Test/The Sironi Editore

The Sironi Editore imprint began operations in 2002 and has now a catalogue of 140 titles. The popular non fiction series Galᰡgos is witty, entertaining, provocative. We also publish contemporary literary and commercial fiction, both Italian and in translation; memoirs and biographies; essays about writing. Our books won numerous prizes and awards and were translated in Russia, Spain, Brazil, France, Korea, The Netherlands. We are currently working on a new children books line, in illustrated non fiction, that should be launched early in 2012. At first we will certainly base our catalogue on translations. The mother house Alpha Test, established in 1987, is among the most successful and solid independent publishing houses in Italy. The catalogue is made of 470 titles in study aid, school and career orientation, law, health (we publish the Family Doctor series), weather forecast and climate, management, pedagogy, a popular culture quiz book series that was translated to French, and other logic puzzles & games books, also exported to France and The Netherlands