PM Nowak

PM Nowak lives in Warsaw and writes crime novels about inspector Zakrzeński and prosecutor Wilk.

The first book in the series, Ani żadnej rzeczy... (Nor any thing that is thy neighbor's...), was published earlier this year by Czarna Owca in their prestigious Czarna Seria publishing series, alongside bestselling authors such as Stieg Larsson or Camilla Läckberg. The book was the very first crime novel by a Polish author to be published in this series.

Though set in contemporary Warsaw, Nowak's crime stories are traditional in their construction. Meticulously realized plots are intended as a backdrop against which the relationship between the two main characters of his books can unfold. The first book in the series continues to get excellent reviews in Poland; the second book will be published next year.

It was supposed to be a regular board meeting and a casual champagne toast in celebration of a new business deal. But the company's CFO collapses after taking a sip from his glass and his brother senses the scent of bitter almonds in the air. Inspector Jacek Zakrzeński refuses to believe in something as old-fashioned as cyande poisoning. The investigation gets underway, however, and reveals a web of relations between the company's owners and employees that’s far more tangled than he had imagined at first, and soon everything seems possible. Making matters worse, Zakrzeński is once again forced to cooperate with the inexperienced and eccentric prosecutor Kacper Wilk. Little does he know that his real problems are only about to begin...

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One Saturday afternoon Inspector Jacek Zakrzeński of Warsaw murder squad is summoned to a posh suburb to investigate what appears to be a robbery gone awry: a 39-year old woman is found with two gunshot wounds in her head. Although the house is full of valuable paintings, nothing appears to be missing, apart from a silver Mazda that the attackers drove off in.

Zakrzeński's main suspect presents foolproof alibi and soon it becomes clear that what might have seemed like a routine case at first is going to be a difficult investigation instead. To make matters worse, the inspector is forced to cooperate with an inexperienced prosecutor Kacper Wilk, an eccentric hypochondriac who appears to be afraid of his own shadow and to be totally unsuited for his job.

When a second body is found, media begin to take interest in the case, and the investigation quickly spirals out of control. Just as Zakrzeński is losing hope, Wilk starts to have his own ideas as to who the killer might be...

Ani żadnej rzeczy... ("Nor any thing that is thy neighbor's...") is the first novel in the series about Wilk and Zakrzeński.

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