Welcome to the Graal Literary Agency webpage!

Graal Literary Agency was founded in 1993 as a family business by Maria and Zbigniew Kański. Maria endowed the company with her long publishing and editorial experience, while Zbigniew invested his academic and translational expertise. Their different backgrounds resulted in a natural division of the agency into a literary section (fiction, literary and popular non-fiction) and an academic-professional section (computer science and technology, business, humanities, sciences).

As the company grew rapidly in terms of the number of business partners and license contracts handled, the owners faced the dilemma of either maintaining a SOHO type family business formula or expand into the world of small to medium-sized companies, with a regular office and employment adjusted to the business opportunities. The latter option was chosen, and today Graal Literary Agency is proud to represent hundreds of bestselling authors, publishers and literary agencies. The agency’s success now depends to a great extent on the knowledge and enthusiasm of its steadily increasing number of young agents employed at Graal.